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Application of Cyclodextrins in coatings industry

Cyclodextrins and spices can form a stable package, which can maintain long-term stability even in contact with heat, light and air. Spices of cyclodextrins can be used in non hydrophobic and water resistant surface of polymer mortar, in paints, paints, scraping materials and sealants, cyclodextrin spices are also used in the construction industry binder, which must be based on polymer emulsion and solvent free.

For example: A typical polymer latex coating containing spice-cyclodextrin complexes containing some conventional coating components, such as polymer dispersion system as a film matrix, fillers and titanium dioxide as a pigment system, rheological aids, dispersing AIDS and Defoaming aids, the addition of the content of the liquid coating formula 0.5%, than to ensure sufficient activity. The coating is evenly constructed on the wall (150g/m2) and immediately dried and fixed. Using meteorological chromatography to monitor the release of spices, the results show that the wet coating continues to release the peculiar fragrance after four years, and still has the characteristics of mint, lemon or perfume.

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