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Application of cyclodextrins in food industry

The ability to generate envelopes by using hydrophobic cavities of cyclodextrins, can make the food industry many active ingredients and cyclodextrins to produce complex, to achieve the stability of the physical and chemical properties of the envelope, reduce oxidation, passivation photosensitive and thermal sensitivity, reduce the volatility of the purpose, so cyclodextrins can be used to protect aromatic substances and maintain the stability of the pigment. Cyclodextrins can also remove odor, removal of harmful ingredients, such as the removal of yolk, dilute cream and other foods in most of the cholesterol; it can improve the food technology and quality, such as in the processing of tea beverages, the use of β-cyclodextrins can not only effectively inhibit the formation of low-temperature turbidity, tea polyphenols, amino acids and other materials, the color, taste and the least effect. In addition, cyclodextrins can also be used to emulsion foam, moisture-proof moisture, so that dehydrated vegetables recovery.

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