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Application of Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin in medical field

① increase the solubility of insoluble drugs

HP-Β-CD in water soluble, at room temperature solubility is generally greater than g/100ml, even can reach $number g/100ml above. When the concentration is less than 40%, the fluidity is good and the viscosity is small. The pharmaceutical industry can improve the solubility of drugs without the use of organic solvents, surfactants and lipids. The insoluble drug can significantly increase water solubility after it is enveloped. After the drug and the HP-Β-CD formed the compound, the concentration increased linearly with the HP-Β-CD concentration.

② increased drug stability and increased bioavailability of drugs

In the course of storage, the effect of light, heat, humidity and other factors will directly affect the quality of drugs, so the stability is an important index of inspection. HP-Β-CD the drug into the hole, can play a role in preventing the drug volatilization, sublimation, oxidation and see the light decomposition.

The dissolution rate and release of drugs with HP-Β-CD were faster and faster, and it could increase the absorption of the organism and improve the bioavailability of the drugs.

③ reduces drug toxicity

It can significantly reduce the toxicity and irritation of drugs to the human body by the way of complexing and transforming the insoluble drugs.

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