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Cyclodextrins--new solutions for food industry

Some food ingredients have high nutritional value but are affected by the poor taste in food, how the stability of the water-oil emulsion and how to improve the utilization of functional components in food are often encountered in food production. Through research, scientists have found that the use of cyclodextrins can effectively solve these problems.

Cyclodextrin is a cyclic sugar molecule, according to the number of glucose units, cyclodextrins are divided into α-cyclodextrin, β-cyclodextrin and γ-cyclodextrin. The human through the enzyme extracts the cyclodextrins from the corn, the potato and so on plant raw material. Cyclodextrin molecule is unique in its annular structure, among which the cylindrical cavity can be wrapped in some other mainly hydrophobic substances, cyclodextrins can therefore be different material components together, releasing active substances, so that sensitive substances or interfaces become stable. Therefore, cyclodextrins can do their part in the food industry. It can mask odors, stabilize sensitive substances such as vitamins, or increase the bioavailability of certain active substances. In addition, Cyclodextrin can also be used as soluble fiber, its emulsifying properties can also be used.

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