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Development of Cyclodextrin and its derivatives in the future

Cyclodextrins are a large number of natural macromolecule materials in nature, and the potential applications of it and its derivatives in the field of industrial wastewater treatment have been paid more and more attention. The current large-scale application of these materials still has the following problems:

1 The mechanical properties, strength and durability of cellulose, cyclodextrin and its derivatives are to be improved.

2 The adsorption of cellulose and cyclodextrin in the literature is only for one kind of heavy metal ions or phenolic compounds, and the actual industrial wastewater contains many kinds of contaminants.

Therefore, it remains to be studied to develop solid-load cellulose or cyclodextrin derivatives and to compound them with other treatment methods. As a renewable resource, cellulose and cyclodextrins have been highly valued in various countries and regions in the 21st century, and cellulose and cyclodextrins will play a more important role in the future environmental science.

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