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N-butyl ether-betamethasone cyclodextrin-chloramphenicol Coating

Chloramphenicol is white needle-like or greenish-green needle-like, long flake crystalline powder, taste bitter, in methanol, ethanol, acetone, propylene glycol easily soluble; Although Chloramphenicol has been clinically less used in most formulations, it has long been widely used in the treatment of acute ear and ocular infections. Chloramphenicol Eye drops is a common ophthalmic medication, which is suitable for acute or chronic conjunctivitis, including palpebral rim inflammation, corneal ulcer, trachoma, barley swelling, dacryocystitis and so on. Chloramphenicol is unstable in solution, chloramphenicol is easily decomposed into chloramphenicol diol, P-Nitrobenzaldehyde, chloramphenicol diol and P-Nitrobenzaldehyde have strong irritating effect on the eyes.

P-butyl ether-betamethasone as a medicinal excipient has been widely used to increase the solubility of insoluble drugs, stability, dissolution rate and bioavailability, its molecular structure with its special "Kiss water, inner hydrophobic" can be formed by hydrophobic groups of object molecules that match some polarity, size, shape and properties.

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