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Safety of edible denatured starch

Edible denatured starch is a kind of food additive for health and safety, and it is widely used in food industry.

As a result of historical development, social progress, people's dietary tastes and needs of continuous improvement, the variety of food continues to increase, its appearance, taste, organizational structure is also constantly updated, all these are inseparable from the role of food additives. It can be said that there is no food additive, there is no modern food industry. But how to use food additive safely within the scope of food laws and regulations is the conscience project of every food enterprise, which should be worthy of the consumers, and should be beneficial to the sustainable management and development of enterprises. As a kind of important part of food additive, the safety of modified starch is also worthy of our attention.

Modified starch has been developed for nearly a century in foreign countries, and has been included in food ingredients, can be used in food production.

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