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Study on application of modified starch in food industry abroad

1. Pre-pasting starch

Because of its cold water soluble, widely used in the food industry.

2. Acid hydrolysis or enzymatic hydrolysis of starch

The starch molecule polymerization degree and viscosity were reduced, and the starch aging and return was enhanced. Often used in candy, fried products in the face of the slurry and fried products, such as coats.

3. Oxidized starch

Low viscosity, high transparency and high temperature stability. Often can be fried food, such as fish, ducks and other types of steak, such as the surface to join, you can make spices more easily adhesion, improve taste, but also used in dairy products tissue forming agent.

4. Dextrin

Low viscosity, low sweetness and good film-forming property. A coating for a variety of food surfaces; malt dextrin can be used as a substitute for fat in dairy products and baked foods.

5. Etherification of starch (light propyl starch, end methyl starch)

High transparency, high viscosity, weaken the aging trend, improve the freeze-thaw stability. Widely used in gravy, sauces, pudding and other food.

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