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Eliminate the bad smell in cosmetics.

The unwrapped cyclodextrin can be used as deodorant in cosmetic formulation.Because of cyclodextrin cavity can be stored in the object of some bad smell, so often add it in perfume, disinfectant, preservatives and other kinds of deodorization use formula, eliminating a toxic gas in the human body and the environment.When the cyclodextrin absorbs the bad gas in aqueous solution or alcohol solution, it will form an unvolatile clathrate.For example, powdery cyclodextrin derivatives, which are less than 12 mm in size, are often used in baby diapers, sanitary towels and towels to eliminate bad odors.


Enhance the acne ability of cosmetics.

Cyclodextrin, which has the ability to absorb fats and oils, is often used as a recipe for clean skin and acne treatment.


Improve the safety of cosmetics.

Cosmetics are usually made of oil soluble and water-soluble ingredients.In order to form a uniform system, it is necessary to emulsify with surfactant.Most of the surfactants are organic solvents that are harmful to the skin.Cyclodextrin can emulsify the surfactant and improve the safety of cosmetics.According to the study, the cyclodextrin was added to the emulsion containing liquid paraffin and water, and it formed a three-phase stable system, and it did not deteriorate. 

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