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Reduce the irritation of cosmetics to the skin.

Cyclodextrin is non-toxic, anaphylaxis, and does not irritate the skin. It can also reduce the irritation of the coated substance. It is often used as a cosmetic prescription to reduce the skin irritation.For example, with stearic acid, liquid paraffin, and glycerin, the cyclodextrin cream, which is prepared by the main system, can effectively reduce the irritation of the skin.

Enhance the bacteriostatic effect of cosmetics.

Cyclodextrin can also encapsulate cosmetics with antibacterial properties.In some, for instance, holds the acetylated derivatives (AcAND) of medicinal toothpaste, through the HP - beta - that of CD on AcAND AcAND/HP - beta - CD inclusion compound can effectively destroy the integrity of the bacterial cell wall and cell membrane, improve AcAND bacteriostasis ability.


Increase the stability of cosmetics.

The package cooperation of cyclodextrin can resist the attack of a few polar molecules, which can be used to prevent or reduce the reaction of functional factors hydrolysis, oxidation, racemization and isomerization.For example, the stability of essential oils can be significantly improved by adding the addition of the elements, such as a, a, and a, to a plant essential oil that is susceptible to isomerization.

Enhance the anti-aging effect of cosmetics.

By using cyclodextrin to bind antioxidant substances, the phenolic hydroxyl group and the hydroxyl group in cyclodextrin formed.

The hydrogen bond, which increases the scavenging ability of free radicals, can be used as a formula for improving anti-aging efficacy.Resveratrol is a plant derived from plant antitoxin, grape, mulberry, peanuts, which have good antioxidant properties.Hp-hp-cd can significantly improve the antioxidant properties of resveratrol and improve the defects of its optical stability, which can be a good cosmetic formula.

Enhance the whitening effect of cosmetics.

Cosmetics promote skin whitening effect by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, thereby reducing the production of melanin and finally achieving the whitening effect.Pelaiya used hp-a-cd as the main body, successfully wrapped the rain raw red globule extract and Daisy flower extract.Because the package cooperation enhances the stability of the whitening agent and the compatibility of each other, the whitening effect can be promoted.


Improve the sensitivity of cosmetics.

Reducing uv radiation in the sun is a good way to avoid direct contact with the skin.Organic and inorganic sunscreens are effective against UVA and UVB rays in sunlight by absorbing, reflecting and scattering.However, the stimulation of ultraviolet rays can easily induce the heterogeneity of some sun protection factors and reduce or lose their uv blocking ability. This phenomenon is called photodegradation.The process of photodegradation produces allergic reactions to substances that are harmful to the skin, known as photosensitivity.The combined use of cyclodextrin can reduce the damage of sunscreen to the skin, because it shows stronger light stability, reduces the isomerization of sunscreen factor, and increases the anti-sensitivity of cosmetics.

Eliminate unnecessary factors in cosmetics.

Cyclodextrin inclusions also have the ability to eliminate unwanted and unpleasant smells.There are two main sources of these unpleasant smells in cosmetics: the first is a compound that contains an offensive odor.The second is that when using cosmetics, they are affected by the outside world, and the material is turned into a compound with pungent smell.For example, tanning cosmetics containing dihydroxyacetone can produce a nasty smell when exposed to the skin, which is difficult to hide with spices.However, by preparing dihydroxyacetone/cyclodextrin inclusion, this odor can be effectively prevented.In addition, the slow release of dihydroxyacetone from the inclusion compound can also have a uniform tan effect on the skin.

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