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The Application of Cyclodextrin in daily chemical industry.

1. the use of CD as emulsifier and improved quality in cosmetics.Cosmetic products are generally added with essence to make the fragrance, but the essence is easy to be absorbed by the skin mucosa, causing allergic skin side effects, some especially easy to prick eyes.Almost all kinds of spices can be picked up by the CD, which can be prevented by the use of a complex compound.

Vitamins are used to whiten cosmetics.Because vitamin C is unstable, it is easy to be affected by the action of the medium and oxygen, and the packaging materials (such as the use of the beta-cd package) can achieve a stable white effect.


Oil content with wet to the skin, protect, clean, various cosmetics in for the configuration of the main raw material, and at the same time into a stable emulsion with anionic surfactants, anionic surfactant has stimulation to the skin, using limited.Use CD instead of surface active agent, can avoid the disadvantages, and the product also has better ductility, liquidity, soft, moist, protect the skin effect is good, without excitant, deodorization, in addition, the machining operation is simple, the use of surfactant requires strict control of emulsification temperature, cooling, stirring conditions.

2. CD can absorb the smell in the mouth, used in toothpaste or mouthwash deodorant, can also be used in the chewing gum to remove peculiar smell, he and iodine compounds can do oral disinfection, toilet and bathroom disinfection deodorant.


3. use CD in mosquito coil incense, candle, washing powder, bath products and plastic products.


4. in the tobacco industry, the graft copolymer of CD can be used as a filter absorbent for cigarette in addition to the protection and improvement of quality.


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