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The Application of Cyclodextrin in daily chemical industryⅡ

1. The application in printing and dyeing industry can cricoid dextrin package to dye, complex external with hydrophilic, than natural fibers such as cotton, linen, rayon good hydrophilicity, add with operations in the textile dyeing and printing can improve the efficiency of printing and dyeing, dyeing deep and strong.


2. Used in ore dressing is a kind of effective ore flotation separation, used surfactants in water bubbles, make metal powder grains are rising to the surface adsorption, sink and non-metallic mineral separation, then collect metal mineral, the need when collecting bubble is rapidly disappearing, is advantageous for the metal powder granule sinking.The CD has the ability of defoaming, which is suitable for the application of planktonic dressing, which can shorten the time and improve the recovery of metal ore.

3. The treatment of industrial wastewater and can purify air CD and many organic solvent inclusion complex, low solubility, generally is about 0.1 g / 100 ml, easy to precipitate from water, use the treatment of industrial wastewater and organic matter existing in the air is very effective, inclusion complex water suspension thermal decomposition, the distillation recovery of volatile matter, free CD and repeated use.


4. In the oil industry oil tank cleaning oil industry residue slurry in oil tank and oil carrier storehouse, high viscosity, strong adsorption, heat is commonly used in water jet wash oil falls off, operating difficulties, poor effect, wash effect is good, with CD CD has effect of surfactant, and has the effect that inclusion, also to make cleaning fluid containing mud solid dye.

5. Vegetable oil refining can use CD separation of free fatty acids in the vegetable oils, is better than the general saponification method of, dissolve the first CD in water, and vegetable oil emulsification, heating boiling, inclusion complex decomposition, cooling, free fatty acids in the upper curing, CD in the lower precipitation, can repeat use.

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