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The Application Of HP-Beta-CD In Natural Drug Preparation---Flavonoids

HP-β-CD & Flavonoids

Flavonoids are a kind of natural organic compound with c6-c3-c6 structure, which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-viral and antihypertensive effects.YinXingTong ester is second grade national new medicine certificate and production approval of ginkgo API, which contains ginkgo biloba flavonoids have to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the function, including quercetin, rhizoma kaempferiae and rat Li Su composition such as, used to prevent cardiovascular disease, but its poor water solubility and stability.In this paper, the encapsulation of ginkgo (ginkgo) hp-hp-cd was prepared, and the water solubility was improved, and the pharmacokinetic behavior of it and ginkgolide granule in rats was compared.The results showed that the absorption rate was increased after the inclusion of ginkgo.The peak time of the inclusion was shortened and the peak concentration increased.The relative bioavailability of the inclusion compound was 146.10%, compared with that of ginkgo.The relative bioavailability of the inclusion compound was 346.15%, which indicated that the absorption rate and the degree of absorption were significantly increased.


Genistein and daidzein yuan has affinity with estrogen receptors, estrogen correlation between cancer and may be in the treatment and prevention of menopausal syndrome plays an important role, but both water-soluble are limited.Daruhazi respectively, such as the preparation of the beta of the two CDS, gamma - CD, HP - beta - CD, RAME - beta - CD inclusion compound, can be seen through the dissolution curve with substituent HP - beta - CD, RAME - beta - CD greatly increases the solubility of the two, and the effect is better than that of natural CD.Optimization through Caco - 2 cell model to study the inclusion compound of mixture with pure across the plasma membrane, to every CD inclusion compound of genistein, transshipment enhance order gamma - CD > HP - beta - CD > RAME - beta - CD > beta - CD and daidzein yuan RAME - beta - CD > beta - CD CD > > HP - beta gamma - CD, there is no doubt that clathrate optimization to improve the Caco - 2 monolayer permeability of the membrane, the difference could be the genistein than daidzein yuan one hydroxyl group.Baicalin is widely concerned because of its anti-tumor, anti-respiratory syncytial virus and anti-hepatitis b virus, but its solubility is very low.Jinxia Li et al. studied the cladding of baicalin, and found that the solubility of baicalicin HP- beta-cd was greater than that of the inclusions.In the acid medium, the hp-beta-cd is more easily encapsulated, while the neutral medium is more suitable for the beta-cd inclusion, which is related to the dissociation degree of baicalin molecules in different PH conditions.The inclusion of the two kinds of CD and scutellariin ratio enhanced the scavenging ability of free radicals, and the enhancement of this ability was related to the increase of the solubility of baicalin.According to H-NMR, the A, B and C ring of baicalin are all in the hole of hp-b-cd, while the h-6, h-3 ', h-4 'and h-5' of baicalin are all in the air.

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