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The Application Of HP-Beta-CD In Natural Drug Preparation---Phenylalanines

Phenylalanine is a group of benzene ring with 3 straight chain carbon and is a compound of unit (c6-c3). Coumarins, which have a c6-c3 structure, are highly toxic to humans and are widely distributed in fabric and fungi. A series of coumarin derivatives are reported with natural and synthetic antitumor, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti amoebas and inhibit the growth of n/med tuberculosis bacterium effect, but the coumarin, 7 - hydroxy - coumarin, 6 - methyl - coumarin and HP - beta of CD. 


The solubility of hp-beta -CD concentration increased linearly. At the same time, the solubility of the three components in the aqueous solution of hp-beta -CD increases with the increase of temperature. The 0.5% tincture of the two c6-c3 structures is recommended by the world health organization as the first choice for the treatment of condyloma acuminata.However, its water solubility is poor, and its high concentration has great effect on skin irritation. HP - beta - CD is studied on the solubilization, the ghost mortar toxins and HP - beta - CD charge when the mole ratio of 1:4, ghost mortar toxin solubility can be 20 times, and after the inclusion have slow release effect, reduce the ghost mortar toxins to local skin stimulus of the organization.


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