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The Application Of HP-Beta-CD In Natural Drug Preparation---Quinones

HP -β- CD and Quinones


Marin child element for irides marin benzene quinone compounds extracted from plants, have anti-cancer sensitization effect, but the parent nucleus and side chains have multiple unsaturated double bond, chemistry is not stable, and strong hydrophobicity, almost insoluble in water and gastric intestinal juice.Marin child element was prepared by the HP - beta - CD inclusion compound, increased the marin child element of the water soluble, and accelerate the release speed, marin child element within 6 h/HP - beta - CD in rats of drug within the body of the small intestine absorption rate were 69.63% and 29.58% respectively, after the inclusion absorption increased obviously.The NMR map indicates that the six-membered ring structure of marin is entered into the molecular hole, and the side chain is inserted into the hole of the cyclodextrin molecule of another molecule, and the hydrogen bond is formed in the two molecules.


Β- lapa quinone is extracted from South America bell flower bark brown naphthoquinone compounds, by inducing tumor cell apoptosis and inhibition of DNA topoisomerase antitumor effect, due to its poor water soluble tendency (0.16 L), Cavalcanti, etc were Β - lapa quinone HP - beta - CD inclusion compound and further make clathrate as the liposomes.Made of clathrate Β - lapa quinone solubility increased 302 times, Β - lapa quinone molecules into HP fully - beta - CD inside the hole.After the inclusion of liposomes, it can be controlled release to the drug, avoiding the repeated administration and side effects.

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