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The application of universal cyclodextrin In food industry

Cyclodextrin (CD) is widely used in food industry, at present is mainly used to eliminate peculiar smell, yixiu, improve the flavor, fragrance and pigment stability, carrier of emulsifier, powder makings, also can be used as food additives.

1. Improve the stability of spices, essence and pigment

Edible pigment ingredients such as rose oil, musk ketone, iris and other volatile oil, vulnerable to the influence of the air or sunshine, with CD and the formation of inclusion complex, can be long-term preservation is not bad, and easy to use, natural spices, essential oil, peppermint oil, rosemary oil etc with beta CD inclusion into oil 8% - 8% of the compounds, can be used to roast meat, food, vegetarian food, instant and other food, can maintain flavor, and can prevent decomposition of spices, many edible natural pigment with light, heat, acid, alkali and unstable, and low water solubility, use CD inclusion complexes, can remain stable, not easy fade metamorphism.


2. Remove the smell and bitterness

Fish, meat, dairy products, soy products and other food, often because of its inherent stench and reduce its commodity value, CD of the above food and reduce the effect of the stench, aquatic products, meat products can be added in the manufacturing process of between 5% and 2% beta CD trends processing can achieve the ideal effect.In addition, Japan and other countries in the study, sodium casein deodorization with CD, and reduce the bitter taste of protein decomposition polypeptide, amino acids, improve protein foam ability, improve the smell of fermented soybean food and concreting as tofu.


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