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The application of universal cyclodextrin In food industryⅡ

1. Emulsification and increase of foaming force.

CD has the effects of surfactants, unlike food commonly used surfactants, the formation of emulsion viscosity is stronger, and can be stable for a long time, reason often used in the beverage of high oil content, sauces, cheese, ice cream and coffee drinks and other food additives.Frozen protein and powder protein plus beta-cd can increase the foaming power of baking products.It is also reported to have the effect of cholesterol deposition, which can be used in animal fat to ensure the health of consumers.


2. Liquid food is solid or powdery.

The properties of low hygroscopicity of CD make it difficult to pulverize oil, hygroscopicity and biomass.If the whisky is mixed with the CD solution, the spray is dry and can be made into powder wine, which makes it easier to carry and use.This powder is dissolved in the right amount of water to get the original flavor of the whisky.Again after such as soy sauce, sesame oil and CD inclusion, can be made into solid solid sesame oil, soy sauce and its quality is more stable, better used in convenience food, it can also be used to produce powder beverage, such as fruit juice, powder black tea powder, powder of alcoholic beverages.In addition, Japan and other countries also deep in honey, yeast extract, soybean phospholipid, vinegar flavoring, tofu powder.


3.Other USES in food.

(1) additives for instant drinks and soft drinks.Adding CDS to instant drinks improves aroma and flavor.In soft drinks, they can prevent precipitation.

(2) canned additives.It can be prevented from producing white precipitates in canned bamboo shoots, and can also be added to canned fruits such as citrus to improve the quality.


(3) improvement of sweeteners, stable vitamins and the inclusion of soybean phospholipids;The iodide and CD can also form a cladisation complex.

(4) using CD embedding ethanol, propylene glycol, can produce without excitant food preservation agent, it also can be used to rutin melt water, remove the bitter substances, such as ganoderma lucidum, vitamin used for quality improver, seed acidification protective agent, etc.

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