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The characteristics of HP-β-CD


Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin (HP-β-CD) is substituted by hydroxypropyl (-ch2chohch3) in the c-2, c-3 and c-6 positions of the c-2, c-3 and c-6 positions of the a-cd, producing 2-hp-a-cd, 3-hp-d-cd, 2, 3-dhp-a-cd, 2, 6-dhp-a-cd, 2,3, 6-thp, -cd, and other homolog.In general, the reaction product is substituted for the mixture. If the control condition is also produced, the product is mainly composed of 2-hp-a-d-cd, 2, 3-dhp -- -cd or 3-hp-a-d-cd.Hp-beta -CD is soluble in water, and the solubility is greater than 50% (m/V) at room temperature, and even up to 75% (m/V).So it can't crystallize in an alcohol solution, and when its concentration is less than 40%, it is liquid and not thick.HP - beta - CD in the human body basically not be catabolism, also not accumulate, gastrointestinal absorption after oral HP - beta - CD, with little, little distribution in the blood and urine, for the most part with faeces, also basically in urine when parenteral drug delivery in vitro.

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