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The general method of Hydroxypropyl Betadex in inclusion process

A. ingredients

1. If the encapsulated substance is water-soluble, it can be dissolved in water in a certain proportion with hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin. The general ratio is 1:1 or 1:2.

2. If the encapsulated substances are not soluble in water, the encapsulated substances can be dissolved in ethanol, methanol or other solvents, and hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin can be dissolved in water or alcohol. The two solutions are mutually soluble or mixed in a certain proportion.


B. Methods to promote inclusion

1. Stir the mixture at high speed at room temperature or slightly higher temperature;

2. Conduct ultrasonic treatment on the above mixture;

3. Grind the mixture or solid mixture with colloid.

4. Use a homogenizer to homogenize the above mixture;

5. Promote inclusion in certain physical and chemical conditions such as temperature and pH.


C. Detection of inclusion complex

The inclusion of hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin can be analyzed by fluorescence spectrum, nuclear magnetic resonance, high performance liquid chromatography and thin plate chromatography.


And hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin inclusion material, the general method for your reference, for the different nature of the material can choose different treatment methods, even the same kind of treatment method, also because the processing temperature, solution concentration, treatment time length, strength, get a different closure effect, hope you according to the nature of the folded or material select the appropriate processing method and condition of inclusion, in order to achieve the best effect of inclusion.


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