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The physical and chemical properties of Suifobutyl ether Beta Cyclodextrin Sodium

Suifobutyl ether Beta Cyclodextrin Sodium (Betadex Sulfobutyl ether Sodium, SBE- β -CDs) are obtained by substituting 1, 4-butane sulfonate (1, 4-bs) with 2,3 and 6 bits of carbon on the glue-cd glucose unit.

SBE- β -CDs are a white or white amorphous solid powder with a solubility of >50g in 100ml water, pH of 30% aqueous solution is 5.4~6.8, and the relation between relative molecular mass and substitution degree is Mw=1135.01+CD8 * 157.99, and CD8 is substitution degree.


The most common sbe-kill-cd-substitution-cd is the sbe4-inverse-cd with a replacement degree of 4 (relative molecular weight is 1704) and the sbe7-purge -cd with 7 (product name Captisol, developed by us Cydex in the 1990s, with a relative molecular weight of 2241).SBE7 - beta - CD polymers material form as 7 m - beta - CD (SBE), they are all anions, water-soluble high beta CD derivatives, can well and inclusion drug molecules form a covalent compound, so as to improve the stability of drugs, water-soluble, security, reduce renal toxicity, volatile, control drug release rate, cover up the bad smell, etc.

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