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The specific function of cyclodextrin in Daily Chemicals and Chemistry

In Daily Chemicals

The cyclodextrin can be used to make dental powder, used as a defoaming agent in detergent powder, and can make aromatic detergent, mosquito repellent incense, incense and bath products. It can also be used to make scented candles and plastic products.It is used in the tobacco industry to protect the incense and increase the quality. It can be used to graft copolymer, and can be used to make cigarette filter injectant.


In Chemistry

It can be used to analyze protein, amino acid and chromatographic analysis, and can also decompose long chain organics, and the synthesis of new organics using cyclodextrin is called "biosynthesis".It is also a special kind of catalyst, which can be used in isomerization, oxidation reduction, addition and substitution reaction, and carbon - carbon bonding reaction and irregular synthesis.In the process of recovering organic solvents from mixed steam, recovering oil from tar residue and cleaning oil, and recovering fuel oil from waste oil, cyclodextrin has great skill.


With further research on cyclodextrin, more and more magical special USES will be explored.

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