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Beta Cyclodextrin Excipients

Beta Cyclodextrin Excipients

Beta cyclodextrin (β-CD ) CAS NO.: 7585-39-9 Standard: USP, CP Appearance: White powder,sweet,insipid and innocuous Shelf life: 24 Months Grade: Pharmaceuticals Application: Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Spice, Industry Molecular Weight: 1134.99 Molecular formula:C42H70O35 In Medicine Field....

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Beta cyclodextrin (β-CD )

CAS NO.: 7585-39-9

Standard: USP, CP        

Appearance: White powder,sweet,insipid and innocuous  

Shelf life: 24 Months  

Grade: Pharmaceuticals  

Application: Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Spice, Industry   

Molecular Weight: 1134.99  

Molecular formula:C42H70O35


In Medicine Field.

In the field of medicine cyclodextrin can effectively increase some water-soluble adverse drug in the water solubility and dissolution rate, such as prostaglandins - CD inclusion compound can increase the solubility of the main medicines and injection is made. It also can improve the drug (such as intestinal kang particle volatile oil stability and bioavailability; reduce drugs (such as creat) bad smell or bitter; reduce drugs (such as diclofenac sodium) stimulation and side effects; and make drugs (such as berberine hydrochloride) slow release and improve the dosage form.


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