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Gamma Cyclodextrin, CAS No.: 17465-8609

Gamma Cyclodextrin, CAS No.: 17465-8609

Gamma cyclodextrin (γ-CD ) Abbreviation : GCD CAS NO.: 17465-8609 Standard : In-house Standard Appearance : White powder Shelf life : 24 Months Solubility(in 100cm3 solvent, at 25℃) : water: >20 Methanol: <1g DMSO: >20g Qaulity : Pharma grade / food grade / industry grade Use : medical...

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Gamma cyclodextrin (γ-CD )

Abbreviation :  GCD

CAS NO.: 17465-8609

Standard: In-house Standard        

Appearance: White powder  

Shelf life: 24 Months  

Solubility(in 100cm3 solvent, at 25℃) :  water:   >20      

Methanol:    <1g       DMSO:       >20g

Qaulity Pharma grade / food grade / industry grade 

Use : medical \ food \  chemical \ agricultural \ other industries

Main application: stabilizer/carrier/quality improver.

Molecular Weight: 1297.12  

Molecular formulaC48H80O40

MOQ: 1kg    Workshop: GMP    Audit: Approved    Sample: free of charge  


The product application

Gamma-cyclodextrin has a larger cavity than beta - cyclodextrin, so the space of the cavity can be more extensive.Better solubility in water at room temperature 25 ℃ when the gamma - cyclodextrin solubility is 25.6 g / 100 ml, and alpha cyclodextrin solubility is 12.7 g / 100 ml water, - cyclodextrin solubility is only 1.88 g / 100 ml of water;Application prospect ratio - cyclodextrin is broader.Gamma-cyclodextrin can be used as a carrier for spices, sweeteners and pigments.Easy to wrap, high solubility, can be simple decomposed into glucose, so especially for medicine, food.

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