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A Traditional Chinese Festival --- Qingming Festival


The Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day) comes from Thanksgiving in China, and we worship the ancestors in qingming festival, which is the spirit that follows this kind of gratitude.However, the qingming festival of China is to be grateful, as if to focus on those deceased ancestors, but not to the living, to their own good people, seems to be more, more important Thanksgiving desalinized.

Thanksgiving Day, in China is the Qingming festival, we are grateful for the lost history and people, we should be grateful to those who are beneficial to our survival and development, and cherish everyone around us.I hope the qingming festival is not only a sacrifice for Chinese people, but more importantly, Thanksgiving!


Because qingming tombs are to go to the outskirts, in mourning for the ancestors, by the way in the bright spring in the qingqing plain, is also a kind of relief to the mood of the mood.Therefore, tomb-sweeping day is also known as the outing.


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