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Application Of Cyclodextrins

Cyclodextrin derivatives have better properties than the parent cyclodextrins, which increases their range and application effect. The water-soluble cyclodextrin derivatives have stronger solubilization ability, and have very good solubilization effect for insoluble spices and lipophilic pesticides. Insoluble cyclodextrin derivatives can be used in environmental monitoring and waste water treatment, such as environmental protection, such as pesticides wrapped in insoluble cyclodextrin polymers, after application will not follow the rain loss; Cyclodextrin crosslinked Polymers can adsorb micro-contaminants in water samples. Soaking seeds with modified cyclodextrin in agriculture may change crop growth characteristics and yield.

The development and application of modified cyclodextrin are developing vigorously, but its application in food industry has just started, but it has shown great superiority and high theoretical research and application value. It is particularly worth putting forward that its role as an enzyme model, self-assembly and molecular recognition will have an immeasurable development prospect.

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