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Application Range And Characteristics Of Hydroxypropyl Betamethasone Cyclodextrin

Hydroxypropyl Betamethasone Hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin; HP-Β-CD) is a hydroxyl alkylation derivative of the β-cyclodextrin. HP-Β-CD can not only be as good as β-cd to many compounds, but also improve the stability of the envelope material, and it has high water solubility and increased the release speed and bioavailability of the envelope drug in the organism. Therefore, HP-Β-CD has some special excellent characteristics, the application scope is wider, in the medicine has the most application future. The introduction of Hydroxypropyl has broken the intramolecular cyclic hydrogen bond of β-cyclodextrin, and has overcome the main disadvantage of poor solubility of β-cyclodextrins while maintaining the cyclodextrin cavity. is one of the most widely used cyclodextrin derivatives. Mainly used in food, medicine, cosmetics industry.

HP-Β-CD in the field of food and spices can improve the stability and long-term durability of nutrition molecules, can conceal or correct the undesirable odor and taste of food nutrition molecules, can improve the production process and product quality.

HP-Β-CD in medicine, because the relative surface activity and hemolysis activity of HP-Β-CD is relatively low and the muscle is not irritating, it is an ideal injectable reagent and drug excipient. It can improve the solubility of insoluble drugs, increase drug stability, improve drug bioavailability, increase the efficacy or dosage of medicaments, HP-Β-CD can adjust or control drug release rate and reduce drug toxicity. can be used for oral drugs, injections, mucosal drug delivery system (including nasal mucosa, rectum, cornea, etc.), transdermal absorption drug delivery system, lipophilic target drug carrier, but also as a protein protective agent and stabilizer.

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