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Cyclodextrin, The Specific Drug Of Atherosclerosis?

6 countries such as German researchers in the us journal science translational medicine, the report says, annular oligosaccharides, cyclodextrin can prevent or reduce the effect of cholesterol crystal deposition, is expected to be used in the treatment of atherosclerosis.


Atherosclerosis is refers to the artery wall deposits a layer of atherosclerosis, including cholesterol crystal material, reduce arterial elasticity, lumen narrowing, often leads to myocardial infarction, stroke, and other deadly diseases.Cholesterol crystals trigger an immune response that leads to fatal inflammation in the walls of the arteries.


Previous studies have found that cyclodextrin can reduce the cholesterol transport barrier in the brain cells of patients with congenital glycolipid metabolic disease, the type C.Researchers at the university of Bonn in Germany have speculated that cyclodextrin may help clear the cholesterol crystals that are deposited in the arterial walls of atherosclerotic patients.


The researchers fed the rats high cholesterol food for eight weeks and injected some of the mice with cyclodextrin.The results showed that after the injection of cyclodextrin, the sediment in the blood vessel was much less than that of other rats.Cyclodextrin improves the ability of cells to remove cholesterol and reduces inflammation in the blood vessels.The findings are based on a study of sediment in the blood vessels of human atherosclerotic patients.


Researchers say cyclodextrin can be used to develop atherosclerotic drugs.However, although cyclodextrin has been marketed as a solvent for some insoluble drugs, further clinical studies are needed to treat it as a new drug to treat atherosclerosis.

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