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Cyclodextrin is a series of cyclic oligosaccharides, usually containing a $number-D-beta-glucose unit, produced by Amylose in the presence of the cyclodextrin glucose-based transferase produced by Bacillus subtilis. One of the more studied and significant practical significance is the molecule containing 6, 7, and 8 glucose units, known as alpha-, beta-and Gama-cyclodextrin (Fig. 1). According to the results of X-ray crystal diffraction, IR spectra and NMR spectroscopy, it is shown that each d (+)-pyrrole glucose, which constitutes a cyclodextrin molecule, is a chair-like conformation. Each glucose unit is combined into a ring with 1, 4-glucoside bonds. Because the glucoside bond of the glucose unit cannot rotate freely, cyclodextrins are not cylindrical molecules but tapered rings.

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