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Happy Lantern Festival !

The traditional Spring Festival is the beginning of firecrackers on New Year's eve, and the lantern ends of the above night.A striking sound, a brilliant color, reflects people's unique imagination.


At the end of the Spring Festival, the strong emotions peculiar to the Spring Festival still linger in the Lantern Festival, the last of which is gorgeous and even has the meaning of the final carnival.


But this carnival does not mean the end, but the beginning.Whether it's the Spring Festival or the Lantern Festival, the carnival is just a cathartic expression of people's mood to welcome the coming of spring...


The yuan is the first, night is night, all night long.Yuanxiao is the birthday of the New Year, the first full moon of the New Year.


May Lantern Festival be filled with happiness for you.

Happy Lantern Festival !



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