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Metal Nanoparticles Stabilizer--cyclodextrin Derivatives

Cyclodextrin derivatives Modify precious metals and their oxide nanoparticles, not only to prevent the agglomeration of metal nanoparticles in the water phase, increase the water solubility of metal nanoparticles, improve the dispersion of metal nanoparticles in the reaction system, and the Cyclodextrin part can also form a wrapping complex with the reaction substrate, transfer the substrate to the surface of metal ions, and facilitate the catalytic reaction. At present, Cyclodextrin derivatives modified noble metals and their oxide nanoparticles as supramolecular catalysts are mainly used in catalytic reduction, coupling, oxidation and other reactions

Reduction reaction

The noble Metal pt and PD nanoparticles were modified with a total (6-mercapto)-β-cyclodextrin, and the water-soluble nanoparticles were used to catalyze the hydrogenation of allyl amine. At room temperature, the conversion rate of 1ATMH2 bottom is 95%--100%, and the catalyst can be easily recycled after the reaction is finished. The-β-cyclodextrin stabilized ru nanoparticles and catalyzed hydrogenated olefins can not only catalyze hydrogenation of aliphatic olefins, but also catalyze hydrogenation of aromatic rings, and the substrate is almost quantitatively converted. and methyl-α-cyclodextrin, β-cyclodextrin and γ-Cyclodextrin can also stabilize the zero valence ruthenium particles, and then adsorbed on the carbon carrier, used for catalytic hydrogenation of ο-xylene, M-Xylene and P-xylene, in which methyl-β-cyclodextrin best, has the best hydrogenation activity and three-dimensional selectivity.

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