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Modification Of Cyclodextrin

Because the pore size of the Α-CD molecule is small, it is usually only the object material of the smaller molecule, the application scope is small, the γ-cd molecule hole is big, but its production cost is high, the industry cannot produce massively, its application is limited, the Β-CD molecule hole is moderate, the application scope is broad, the production cost is low, is the current industrial use most cyclodextrins the fine product. However, the hydrophobic area and catalytic activity of Β-CD are limited, so it is restricted in application. In order to overcome the shortcomings of cyclodextrins, the researchers tried to modify the Cyclodextrin matrix by different methods in order to change the properties of cyclodextrins and enlarge its application range. The research on modified Cyclodextrin has made great progress and achieved many results.

The so-called modification is to maintain the ring paste essence of the basic skeleton of the ring to introduce modified groups, to obtain a product with different properties or functions, so also known as modification, modified Cyclodextrin is also called cyclodextrin derivatives.

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