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On The Toxicity Of Hydroxypropyl Betamethasone

The toxicity of HP-Β-CD is lower than that of the mother Ring Dextrin, the oral non-toxic, the hemolysis is also low, after a large number of animal experiments and clinical experiments have proved that can be used for oral and injection, the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved HP-Β-CD in food and drug applications. General medicine grade HP-Β-CD The half lethal amount of mice was greater than 2000mg/kg, daily oral 4400mg/kg, repeated 90 days of toxicity experiments showed that the health of the mice has no effect. Experimental rabbit skin and eye stimulation experiments showed that hp-β-cd on the test subjects of the skin and eyeball did not stimulate. The sensitivity experiment showed that HP-Β-CD had no allergic effect on the skin of the experimental pig.

Animal experiment showed good tolerability to HP-Β-CD, especially orally, and showed only very limited toxicity. In the short term experiment, the subjects only produced very slight physiological changes, but in the relatively long-term (three months) experiment, the subjects produced a small blood change, but no histopathological changes. Tissue pathology changes were found in the lungs, liver and kidneys during intravenous administration, but these changes are reversible and can be recovered quickly after discontinuation. In clinical experiments, the human body has good tolerance to HP-Β-CD, the main discomfort is diarrhea, and the data show that HP-Β-CD has no effect on human renal function.

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