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Study On Cyclodextrin

The basic research of Cyclodextrins began early in the 30 's, and confirmed that cyclodextrin can form the entrapped composite, but until the 1950s, the study of Cyclodextrin entrapped Composite has matured and found that cyclodextrins are catalytic in some reactions. Since 1950, a lot of new insights have been made on the production of Cyclodextrin, the physicochemical properties and research of cyclodextrins. In particular, F. Cramer first clarified the cyclodextrin can stabilize the pigment, and then found that can form the envelope, so in food, medicine, cosmetics, flavors and other areas of application has been expanding, and its related fields of research work has been active. In 1960, Japan carried out the pilot production of cyclodextrins for the first time in the past 30 years. Japan is the world leader in the production and application of Cyclodextrins, is the largest exporter of cyclodextrins, and China is also one of its importing countries. As the enzyme of cyclodextrins is gradually discovered and the industrial technology, technology and the expansion of the application field, has become a tight chemical products.

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