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Technology Of Β-cyclodextrin Wrapped With Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a precious herbal medicine and food spices, can benefit dampness, stomach, clear the brain, used for the treatment of cold and other diseases. The study shows that lavender essential oil has the effect of anticonvulsant, sedation, lipid peroxidation and gallbladder, as well as the characteristics of anti-gastrointestinal flatulence and acute abdominal pain, and also has good killing effect on mosquitoes, which can be used for textile functional finishing. To lavender essential oil as the core material, β-cyclodextrin as the wall material, using microencapsulation technology to reduce the volatility of lavender essential oil, prolong the time to stay fragrant, can make lavender essential oil characteristics can be sustained.

Due to the high volatility of essential oils, and the heat-sensitive substances in the high temperature prone to decomposition, so when β-cyclodextrin and lavender essential oil quality ratio of 8:1, the temperature of 45 ℃, inclusive time of 1.5 hours, under the conditions of the process of better packaging. Its route is: accurate weighing of the required β-Cyclodextrin → add a quantitative distilled water to the saturation → heating dissolved → cooling to the specified temperature → add lavender essential oil (slowly drip) → constant temperature stirring after a certain time cold overnight → filtration separation → drying → get dry package.

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