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The Application Of Cyclodextrin In Food - Liquid Food Powder

The cyclodextrin can be made into a solid powder by burying some liquid food such as wine, drink, flavoring, etc., making it more convenient to add, transport and store.For example, whisky and cyclodextrin water solution mix and mix, spray drying, can be made into powder wine, easy to travel, and add water when used, can restore original flavor.

The role of cyclodextrin in the production of instant green tea is multifaceted.


(1) effective protection of its flavor and color research shows that the inclusion of cyclodextrin in instant green tea can significantly prolong the shelf life.

(2) the addition of aromatic substances to tea leaves to enhance or improve the aroma of tea is becoming more and more appreciated.And make essential oil and beta cyclodextrin complex package, the small particles and then added to the tea drinks, by the experimental results show that stability, add the cyclodextrin the fragrance of the embedding material can improve the stability of the products, and improve its taste characteristics.


(3) the moisture of instant tea and the size of the granulated instant tea not only influence the fluidity and moisture of the tea, but also the packaging.Due to the use of spray drying, the granule is small, which is not conducive to the sale of the shelves. Therefore, cyclodextrin is often used as the excipient of instant tea, and it also enhances its moisture resistance.

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