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The Best Supporting Role In Pharmaceutical Industry---SBE-β-CD

Sulfobutyl ether Beta Cyclodextrin Sodium ( Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium, SBE-β-CD ) is a derivative of the beta cyclodextrin, has a negatively charged side chains, to positively charged drugs with special forces, hydrophobic drugs can be improved after wrapped up its solubility in water, but also can increase the absorption of drug in the body, improve stability, etc.;


In addition, it can well and inclusion drug molecules form a covalent compound, so as to improve the safety of drugs, reduce renal toxicity, moderate drug hemolytic, control drug release rate, cover up the bad smell, etc. SBE-β-CD has been used in injection,oral,nasal and eye medicines.It could has a special affinity and inclusion for nitrogen drugs.


Currently listed on the FDA SBE-β-CD inclusion compound injection mainly for: voriconazole, commodity name: Vfend, ziprasidone, commodity name: Geodon, posaconazole, name of commodity: Noxafil.

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