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The Specific Function Of Cyclodextrin In Agriculture And Food

In Agriculture

Cyclodextrin stabilised the insecticide.For example, the natural or artificial pyrethrocytes that are easy to decompose are stable after being picked up by cyclodextrins.Field herbicides and plant growth regulators can be used to stabilize cyclodextrin.


In the Food Industry

We can use cyclodextrin to remove odors, improve the structure of food organization, improve the anti-oxygen force, and make the product taste rich, exquisite and fragrant, and prolong the shelf life of the product and reduce the cost.An indication of food, fruits and vegetables, fishy, garlic smell, sheep shan wei, spring onion, bean smell, for powder, yeast fermentation, and coffee, cocoa, chocolate, the bitterness are available to remove it in cucumber.


Add cyclodextrin in sesame oil to solidify;Add it to liquid wine, spray drying, can be made into powder wine, easy to carry and drink, the wine is soluble in water and can be restored.It can be used to improve the quality of canned fruits and vegetables, soy sauce paste and baking powder, etc., to prevent food corrosion, moisture retention, protein powder increase, etc.Adding it to instant drink improves its flavor;Adding it to soft drinks prevents precipitation.It is a high quality emulsifier and surfactant for food industry. It is often used in emulsification, butter, oil, cheese and ice cream.Cyclodextrin can be used for storing essence, pigment, chilli and so on. It can be stored without volatilization, stable performance, and can be released after being eaten by body temperature and enzyme.

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