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The Specific Function Of Cyclodextrin In Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics

The cyclodextrin has a cylindrical structure that connects the hydroxide to the upper part of the cylinder (wide side of the mouth), and the alcohol base is connected to the lower part of the cylinder (narrow side).So in the numerator, he's hydrophilic, soluble in water.It has been proved that many substances can be covered by cyclodextrins. Besides organic matter, various gases, halogens and inorganic materials can also be covered.In many cases, the material that is covered is more stable for light, heat and oxidants.It is difficult to evaporate, evaporate and sublimate.The solubility, smell, color and aroma of the quilt are often changed in the water.This is the precious characteristic of cyclodextrin, which is based on this singular function in many applications.Accordingly, it can (1) stabilize the unstable substances such as heat, light and oxidant;(2) protecting volatile substances;(3) to make soluble or insoluble substances into soluble substances;(4) it is the use of cyclodextrin, which makes the soluble and viscous substances into powder.

In Pharmaceuticals

Cyclodextrin can be packaged with drugs that are unstable hormones, prostaglandins stable and can be stored for long periods of time.Some volatile liquid medicines can be made into powder after it is wrapped.It has strong smell, bitter taste and smell of Chinese herbs. It can be used to remove odors and also protect and protect them.


Cyclodextrin can treat acne and acne.Beta - cyclodextrin with 10 grams, 300 grams of alcohol, 0.5 grams of sodium benzoate, light flavour diluted to 100 grams, can make toilet water, use it on acne, twice daily, after 1 ~ 4 weeks can purify.


In Cosmetics

Cosmetics use it as an emulsifier and quality modifier, which can also be used as deodorant.


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